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On today’s internet, your “shortcut to the library” is an “influencer”—or a subject matter expert you follow, because he or she has invested thousands of hours becoming an expert in a subject you care about.

Here at Influence Educators, renowned “influencers” bring you education about topics that matter. Topics that have the power to improve your health—to make you happier and more sane, in a very loud and busy world.

Who do you trust, and follow, online? What makes them trustworthy?

The truly special influencers hold free educational events, through Influence Educators, to teach you their hard-won knowledge—especially in the fields of health and wellness, and personal growth.

None of us know everything, so our intuition and discernment lead us to learn from powerhouse doctors researchers, and those who are bravely experimenting--and telling millions of the rest of us about it.

Knowledge is power. Welcome!