19 Ways an Infrared Sauna In Your Home Will Make You Healthier & Happier

Discover powerful, proven health benefits – you’ll be amazed at how quickly infrared saunas can boost your IMMUNITY, for example – and enjoy engaging stories in this FREE, online class – only open for 5 days! 

Owning an infrared sauna is like having a soothing retreat, healing wellness center, and de-stressing zone in your home! And it can be more affordable than you might think … 

But, you must choose the RIGHT sauna. Because the WRONG sauna can harm your health.


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Who Is Robyn?

Why Is She Hosting This Class?

Robyn Openshaw has been researching saunas for 15+ years. Owning an infrared sauna helped heal her son (you’ll hear the story during the class). And it continues to be her favorite and most powerful tool for healing – and thriving, come what may in this world.

Robyn has done a deep dive into the research, so you don’t have to!

She believes that it’s never been a better time to invest in your health and happiness by adding a high-quality infrared sauna that’s made with your health in mind. No chemical off-gassing. The highest quality woods that won’t mold or grow bacteria. Ultra-low EMFs. Materials that last. A relaxing retreat in your home you can step into anytime.

Because it’s coming down in a few days! Yes, you’ll get a replay if you join.